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Non-Profit Tax Preparation

Our experts specialize in all nonprofit tax strategies, including retaining tax-exempt status, tax planning, and preparing Federal Form 990.

Tax-exempt organizations are held to an extremely high standard. Their operations are scrutinize by donors, media, government, and publics. Nonprofits usually do not pay taxes but they do prepare an annual return (Federal Form 990) to showcase the usage of funds and how they fulfill their missions. 

Our experts will work closely with you on both the financial and narrative sections of this public document. We will work with you so your 990 paints an accurate and compelling picture of your nonprofit’s mission, financial health, governance standards and operational effectiveness.

Beyond the Form 990 work, we also handle all aspects of nonprofit tax planning, tax-related regulatory compliance, tax analysis and more. We guide your organization through the myriad of rules and regulations involved in maintaining its tax-exempt status, so you can focus on your important work.

Nonprofit Taxes: List

Nonprofit Tax Services:

Our experienced team can handle any and all of your nonprofit tax needs, including:

  • Expert Form 990 completion

  • Public support test calculations

  • Analysis of unrelated business income (UBI) taxes and UBI activities cost allocations

  • Private foundation tax analysis

  • Executive compensation, pension, and employee benefits planning

  • Strategic tax planning

  • Researching tax implications of alternative investments

  • Organizational structure consulting

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